SERVICE & Assistance

Our Services of quotation, consolidation, controll and delivery are not a cost,
they are the difference between a simple sale and a 5-star customer service


In a short time we are able to quote any customer request as well as make alternative proposals to center the budgets available to the customer.


In our warehouses we deliver all the products requested by the customer, we consolidate the shipment and we take care that the transport takes place safely and in compliance with the regulations


We check all documents so that there is correspondence between the products ordered and those received, the quality of the packaging, the certificates of origin and customs requests.

DOCUMENTS & Certificate

Before delivery to the shipping company we ensure that all documentation (invoices, delivery notes, certificates of origin, certificates for EUR1, ...) are in place


We check that the packaging is intact, that the crates comply with the requests of other countries, that the container is loaded in compliance with the directions of the packaging so as not to cause breakage during transport.


Our assistance begins at the moment of the request for quotation but does not end with the final shipment because we take care of contacting the customer in order to solve any problems should arise.