| Indoor and outdoor furniture for a modern and luxury home |
| Lighting of all kinds and technologies |
| Precious materials and fabrics for contract projects and private houses |

OUR SERVICES of consolidation, shipping, assembly and installation are not a cost,
they are the difference between a simple sale and a 5-star customer service

BRAND Furniture

We sell all types of made in Italy furniture, from the most famous to the lesser known brands. We know the market in a profound way and we are able to respond to the requests of each customer.

CUSTOM Furniture

DECOR ITALIANO have been working with the best italian craftsmen, has been present at all industry fairs and continues to research the best materials, fabrics, services and products on the market .


Pendant, table, bedside, decorative or architectural lamps brand or no-brand, classic or contemporary, bespoke, customizable. We can find or design the right lamp for you.

ART & Design

Art and Interior Design create unique spaces where the beauty of the furnishings dialogues with the beauty of the works of art and vice versa. Art is not an accessory, it is the synthesis necessary to make a space unique and unforgettable.

FABRIC and Materials

Custom fabrics, special upholstery, tiles, boiserie, invisible doors, special fixtures, furnishing and bathroom accessories ... and much more. Our network of suppliers and qualified partners allows us to make us say: try it, you will be satisfied !!.


Production center of luxury rugs, tapestries and fabrics, conceived to offer exclusive products at competitive prices. Our productions, also as single piece, can be of any size, from the smallest to the largest one, without any limit.

- Our Brands -

We work with more than 400 suppliers, with the main brands and less famous companies
and with craftsmen of an incredible quality.