We take care of the consolidation of products from the companies to the port of embarkation, carrying out checks on the packaging and preparing all the necessary documentation for shipment.


Our logistics services include the outsourcing of deliveries for effective management of the shipment to the customer

  • Logistic & Consolidation in our warehouse
  • Search for the best shipping prices
  • Packaging control and problem solving
  • Post-sales assistance
  • Respect of shipping time agreed with the Client
  • Quality inspections before shipping
  • Documents for Customs and EUR1


    Shipments by land, by sea and by air.
    We can organize truck, 20ft, 40ft, HighCube, Groupage containers directly from our warehouses or directly from companies depending on the load required.

    Normally the service is provided from our warehouse to the port of embarkation but we can also organize transport to the customer's destination


    We offer types of packaging to protect products from impact and crushing using wooden crates for maximum strength or double wave boxes for lighter packaging but still suitable for long-distance transport.

    We can offer waterproof boxes and crates suitable for export that allow for optimal product conservation